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We rescued a puppy from these people. They told us she was 8 weeks old but had been given 8 week shots 3 weeks prior.

We were promised age was micro chipped. AFTER. Paying $400 for her we were told to follow their Facebook page because she hadnt received the micro chip because they were in back order. 8 weeks later after multiple contracting on our end ee received the micro chip.

But during that 8 weeks each time we contacted them we were constantly being told how to raise our dog, what food to feed her and how to appropriately train her and being berated about how important it was to not let a puppy out of our site. Not to mention how we should treat her. Including not to let her walk on grass until she was 16 weeks old and had had her rabies shots & all other vaccinations. Who carries a 23 lb dog around until 16 weeks and doesn't let them outside.

FINALLY after 8 weeks of waiting for our micro chip and being told we were nasty by asking repeatedly when we would receive it, they contacted us while we were at the pet store to get it (as we had been followingthe facebook page to find out when & where we could get it). Here's where it gets worse. In tyre middle of a parking lot in front if 2 dozen people, standing in front of our car, a girl took a needle the size of an epidural needle & asked my boyfriend to hold our 23 lb, 18 week old puppy against his chest, while i held her head tight enough that she wouldn't move, and shoved that needle into her neck 6 times before inserting the actual micro chip in her skin. I have never heard a dog or animal make the noises my puppy made thru this process, and i grew up on a farm.

DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY. They will repeatedly lie to you, berate you and disrespect you and not to mention or vet believes or puppy came from a puppy farm.

Product or Service Mentioned: Iresq Rescue And Rehabilitation Pet Adoption.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Entire experience.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jul 29, 2017.
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wowwww good story, i dont know this rescue but jeez no rescue would ever do that nor get away with it. You should be a writer seem great at making up great stories.

to A. Zander #1441050

Actually my experience is why the pet store that sponsored this organization stopped working with them. Because they're unprofessional and too many customers were complaining to the business owner about their experience.

Its family owned and operated and they didn't want to be associated with this kind of treatment to animals. Many businesses in the area have stopped working with them Because of this issue and I didn't even know they'd made that decision until months after my experience. I was told I'm not the only one that has this type of experience. I hate how everyone acts like I am a liar because I'm the only online complaint that seems too exist.

And honestly the only people that tell me I'm a story teller and full of it are associated with iresq. Constantly being belittled by many volunteers just goes to show you what kind of "animal lovers" are running the organization.


You’re dumb too. Of course it could be a puppy mill dog, it came from a rescue, many of those are mill dogs saved from mills, duh!

Who holds their puppy to be stabbed 6 times? You’re either a liar or YOU are the problem, because I would never allow someone to stab my screaming puppy even once.

to OwenCamper22 #1393712

I'm not a liar. This was my experience.

And micro chips do take stabbing a needle a dogs neck but 6 times is excessive and its not like we wanted to get stabbed ourselves. I don't go out of my way to share a false experience when I'm a business owner myself. My experience was poor and we felt it needed to be put out there so I did. Don't berate me and call me a problem when you weren't there.

You clearly have ties to this company as does the person that commented below. They also did not tell my friends who adopted a dog and asked many "what's next" questions so that the dog would be properly taken care of they needed to get him rabies shots at 16 wks. I had to.

Point blank I'm not the only one that has had a bad experience. Other people just haven't given their testimonies and it doesn't make me a bad person for telling my story.

to Think before you speak #1393753

It’s just that, a story, at minimum heavily exaggerated. All I’m saying is IF they “stabbed” the dog 6 times, then you are to blame for not stopping the madness.

Maybe you should have gone to you’re own vet to spend $15 and have them do the microchip - either way, complaint just make sure you look stupid. You’re friend isn’t very smart either if they weren’t getting vaccination advice from their very instead of waiting for the rescue to call them with step by step care instructions.

No organizarion does that, not should they need to. Only people smart enough and prepared enough should adopt an animal that depends upon them for their very life.


This sounds horrendous, thankfully most of your experience stated in your post is false. I am loosely involved with this rescue and have worked extensively with other rescues as wel.

In the little time that i've helped iresq I already know they do wonderful work and that they are a truly pristine rescue. I advocate for them because your complaint is just silly. The puppies come from Texas from an out of state kill shelter, this is stated on your medical documents so any vet with common sense would see the shots given prior and the state which the pup has come from and know that they do vaccines differently then in Colorado. Shots are given earlier and more frequently due to a much more dramatic risk of contact with disease.

Bottom line your pup was covered, protect from illness- safe. No need to complain about that. The microchip was covered in the fee and instead of saying 'oh well' when your pup didn't get the chip. iresq worked with you and insisted on providing you with one.

Unfortunately the rescue is run solely by volunteers and due to the lack of them there was such delay. This only means that they need more help! Instead of making ridiculous complaints you could be using your time volunteering and improving the rescue with your awesome suggestions. Iresq also holds adopters accountable for properly caring for your pet this means proper feeding, training etc.

The rescue is right that a puppy under sixteen weeks is not fully protected from ALL diseases. You wouldn't put your infant baby on the ground to go roll around in the dirt and grass so why put your vulnerable tiny puppy. An adopter that cared would have spoken to their vet, done the research and followed the rescue's instruction. Them mentioning these things simply means that they CARE.

After all of this, your complaint about administration of the microchip is ridiculous! A microchip can be administered by anyone, its a small needle but is bigger then that of a vaccine. Even vets admit that it does hurt the animal however it much more just surprises them and because of this sometimes pets will yelp. Your story though is just plain false, if this event truly occurred more then just you would be complaining ( out of the two dozen apparently watching ) it would be a big fiasco, your just upset but its no need to ruin the reputation of a great rescue.

Also its literally impossible for a microchip needle to be inserted more then once because the microchip itself protrudes from the needle once injected once. Good try though.

to Sammy_Adams #1393714

I would dignify this with a response but it isn't even worth it. I know what happened and i watched a needle go into my dog 6 times.

And no iresq did not insist on me getting my micro chip I basically had to beg for it. And yes i watched people take their micro chips and leave to have their vet do it instead. Don't call me a liar just because other people don't go out and report their experiences like I did. This response to my experience honestly just confirms how awful of a company iresq is and that you guys really don't care about the owners or their concerns or experiences.

I posted this because in trying to get help from iresq I got none and was refused multiple times to talk to an administrator or someone in charge.

I own many businesses and would NEVER go out of my way to ruin a reputable company. This experience is true and 100% accurate.

to Think before you speak #1393726

It's no debate that you feel you had a bad experience with iresq, and with over exaggerations and emotion involved it's definitely not the ideal situation. I feel for you on this.

However to belligerently degrade a rescue who saves hundreds of lives from direct euthanasia each year, who is highly envolved in the adopters experience even after they've taken the pet home, who covers each pet medically in full but maybe needs help in costumer service or response accuracy/timing is rediculous. This is not a matter of care as I simply just can't believe that you and "2 dozen other people" including the experienced volunteers I've personally seen at iresq stood by as your dog was restrained by its own adopters and stabbed in pain multiple times. If this is true then bad on you! The girl wouldn't have stabbed you, if you cared about the pet there's no way you would have let this happen.

If so, you should have stepped in when it mattered rather than bashining the nitty gritty online. It's simply a story and sad that because of your actions people may not adopt, directly killing the lives of innocent pets.

Over all this is a good rescue they care when it matters - direct animal care for each animal they commit to. The huge community of people who would agree with me on this is just too busy actually on the field doing the amazing work of saving lives than wasting their time arguing.

to Sammy_Adams #1393729

Thank you for having your name in the comments I will be reporting you for harassment and accusing me of being a liar not to mention lying about how they handle business seeing as no they do not stay involved at all with their adopters after the fact since I had to figure out a way to get the micro chip pver months of time. I had even contacted a lawyer because my experience was so poor. STOP CALLING ME A LIAR AND A BAD PERSON BECAUSE YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME EXPERIENCE.

to Sammy_Adams #1393734

Secondly, my response to your experience is not on behalf of the rescue. I'm speaking to you on my personal experience in not only this rescue but many others. It says nothing about the rescue caring about your experience but me disagreeing in the accuracy of your account but yes keep trying to bring everything you can up.

to Sammy_Adams #1393737

Smh. People don't listen/read to understand.

They do so to respond. It took 4 months after posting my review to even get feedback. So honestly move along. You're just trying to prove me wrongb and make us out to be the bad guys.

That's my experience. I've rescued from other rescue centers and had great experiences and also rescued with others and had negative experiences. This rescue facility isn't even recognized by the BBB and I took a chance with them knowing that. It obviously wasn't a great experience and turned into a second bad experience with a friend of mine.

My review is warranted. And I'm sorry you feel another way but thats your perception based on your experiences with iresq. My experience was negative and I was only reporting what happened. My vet has even said my dog is not the first puppy to come into the office from iresq with horror stories and was sorry I had to go thru that.

My dogs properly vaccinated and healthy and happy now (no thanks to iresq) and honestly considering we adopted memorial week, we've moved on. Too bad you're understaffed and couldn't get to me sooner and actually act on the accusations that you stay in touch with people after they adopt....which would be a lie since this post is nearly 4 months old and is just now getting comments on it.

to Sammy_Adams #1549425

Omfg this thread...

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